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Make memorization painless for your students. StudyShuffle moves your students' homework from the bottoms of their backpacks to the internet, just a click away from Facebook!

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Improve your students' performance

StudyShuffle not only makes studying more convenient and effective for your students, but allows you to track their progress and update class material whenever you like.

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Attention to details
Card Customization

Design cards that clearly communicate your class material. Get creative and add custom formatting, images, or even HTML!

Quality coding
Track Student Progress

Keep track of students' use of StudyShuffle and their performance with basic or advanced analytics.

Unique color vaiations
Spaced Repetition Algorithm

StudyShuffle optimizes the time students spend studying by focusing on the material they find challenging.

Unique features
Multiple Assessment Methods

Various assessment methods are available depending on your students' needs for each deck. Change methods at any time.